Portugal frustrated me during the 2010 World Cup as they creeped closer to the semifinals, and I remember the Spain v Portugal game, the screen locked on this Cristiano Ronaldo character. In a measure of diplomacy, I decided to stop hatin’ on Portugal for the remainder of the game and watch this spry little demon work the pitch. Sexxxy.

He’s modeled several times before, so maybe it’s a bigger deal to non-football followers that he’s butt ass naked on this cover. Me? Nothing motivates me more in life than a naked footballer. So how about some more UEFA stars sin ropa? How about, say, the entire starting lineup of my team, Germany?

Shit, ya’ll already know how much in love I am with Mario Gomez. So let’s get him, Schweinsteiger, Müller, Neuer, Özil with his crazy eyes, and Lahm naked, in a row, with only a football covering their glories. Or not. It is the European league, after all. 😉

I said Gawd DAYUMN…


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