Up For A Challenge?

UPDATED 05.19.14: Here’s my reaction to Sandy Henry’s challenge…enjoy!

The air is thin where you are
and yet
I gasp for air
grasp at stones
climb higher ever higher
to wheeze
in a forever moment.
aloft in Prakriti
laughing with your fellow demigods
and yet I
can see you there
which means I 
can be there too.
But how? But how?
The climb up Babel
has left me dizzy
my heart
lub dubs slower
my skin 
blues with the surrounding sky.
Oh let us know one another sweet lord
You can walk in my space but I
can’t seem to walk in yours
what to drink?
what to take?
to transcend from this fake reality
and join us for eternity?
I know.
I feel I know.
Let the last bit of air leave me
So I can finally breathe.
-Von Simeon

Sandy Henry created this poem and performed it at a recent event. She then posed the challenge of creating a work, any kind of work, in reaction to her poem. I’m up for the challenge; how about you? 

I’m gonna do a creative reaction and post it Sunday evening. Whatever you decide to do – photo, poem, prose, song, freestyle – send me a link to it. You can post it on your blog, just make sure to give me a touchback. 😉 Sandy is looking forward to our activity.

Happy creating!

Poem by Sandy Henry




5 thoughts on “Up For A Challenge?

  1. I hear you talk
    even when you think no one’s listening
    I see the signs that you make
    hoping to get it right this time
    I see & know it all
    and yet find myself rooted to this place
    meet you soon, I said
    the promise still holds true
    time it will take, a lot
    but I’m not going anywhere
    come around that corner
    by evening, the crowds would have thinned
    even the guards needs some rest
    by the pearly or the iron gates
    slouching against my own shadow
    wait I shall
    for I know you got the message
    this time around.

    1. Thank you for the contribution, Rambler. Exceptionally powerful! Relentless hope…love that knows no time restraints…wonderful.

      I embedded mine in the post. 🙂

      1. Thank you… in fact thank you for the opportunity! and it’s a great idea of a post and I hope that we can get more people to contribute.

      2. It was my first attempt at a collaborative post. I’ll find another topic to whip people into a frenzy!

        If you’re reading this and want to participate, go ahead and post when you’re ready 🙂 All art is welcome.

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