Tales From The Notepad

April is National Poetry Month and I did jack doo doo about it. So, in a scramble to pull together an ode to poetry today, I scrolled to my Notepad app on my GS3, only to find I hadn’t reinstalled it since the hard reset. Found it online, logged into my old account, and pulled up a bountiful treasure of entries between summer 2012 and early 2013. Not just poetry but notes, observations, ontological discourses, and one-liners so good I had to jot them down. Every writer should do this, be it digipad or physical notepad. You never know when you’ll come across literary GOLD.

Found some poems!

Here’s some great quotes:

What you may call “eavesdropping” I call “intelligence gathering”! Some jewels I overheard, and a freestyle I did as I was ‘intelligence gathering’ two guys talking near me:


And then of course, shit gets deep. I call this section, “The Philosophy of Von.” See if you abide by any of these Vonisms…

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