The Sick Critic Awards

I’ve broken a record, folks. This is the longest I’ve gone (six days as of this composition) without being able to hold anything in:



But ya gotta make the most of these events, right? After all, that’s why they invented Xbox.

Since the room closest to the toilet is the living room, I thought it best to convert my couch to a recovery raft, pillows everywhere, the TV tray stationed at the end of the chaise, so I can optimize my ill state. The less movement, the less yakking. Some gems as I lay in repose:


Best TV Show About An Irish Family

This you can find on I already had been hooked with Season 1, and it seemed the little baby Jesus thought it fit to deliver all of Season 2 the same week I go under. Stars Chris O’Dowd, who pretty much epitomizes the kind of guy I’m into: tall, handsome, hilariously goofy and not American! Everyone cast in this show is delightfully insane.


Best Documentary About Fucking and Dying

I always thought it a bit suspect that syphilis was supposedly brought from the Americas to plague Europe. Here, we find a couple of congenital syphilitic twins in the mass grave that is Pompeii, which, if proven true, then that means syphilis was indeed the WHITE MAN’S DISEASE. Reparations!


Best Animated Performance Involving A Butterfly

I don’t know where I was when The Venture Brothers originally came out – I do remember watching Robot Chicken quite religiously – but I’m so glad I discovered this cartoon. With the Season 2 opener using Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” I’m a convert. A fuckin’ FAN.


5 thoughts on “The Sick Critic Awards

    1. Why do I get the sense that show is gonna be based on these Dixie flag-adorned neighborhoods near me? 😉
      In my haze I completely missed Cosmos!! Gotta catch up.

    2. *Finally* got around to watching Trailer Park Boys. Save for the wedding and the weird way they pronounce, ‘Sorry,’ that was pretty much life in Kentucky for me. So, who has more cats, you or Bubbles? 😉

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