6 thoughts on “Whatcha reading?

      1. Actually the first one. I have been fascinated by his paintings always. No other artist’s paints fascinate me as his. Also, I want to learn about his life more.
        By the way, how’s Irvine Welsh? His two books are in my TBR list for a long time. Thinking of reading them soon 🙂

      2. Van Gogh was an interesting character. When I read your comment I immediately thought of that Doctor Who episode when they come upon him prior to creating his most famous piece. 🙂
        I’m familiar with Trainspotting and I read a recent interview saying Skagboys is the prequel to TS so I grabbed that. This one’s a study in dialogue…see if I can capture those dialects for a future work. I will let ya know how it goes!

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