My Editor Made Me Do It!

Today I’m busy setting up my promo campaign, “Operation: Five Star Review” 😉 And as I book venues, call up vendors, muddle over flyer designs, I laugh a bit, reminded at how nervous I was just to show another human being my work. It’s gone from manuscript to market and I’m still a basket of nerves!! Enjoy this revisit, the day I turned in I Blew Up Juarez to the publisher….

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Original Post Date February 28, 2013 at 12:54 AM

Handing over a manuscript to an editor is easy in theory, a metaphysical meltdown in practice. 

2013-02-27 15.42.28

2013-02-27 15.09.49It wasn’t when I updated the file in Schrivener.  It wasn’t when I selected File > Compile and created a PDF document of the manuscript.  And not even when I uploaded the PDF to the Print Online page at  It was when the long ponytailed FedEx Kinko’s assistant slapped the 391 page spiral bound document on the counter at the 3rd Street location that it happened.

A minor panic attack.

I felt the vessels in my neck pulsate.  My heart began to race.

First draft.  Book One.

Trace and I will meet on Friday to hand over my soul.  This is what it feels like, anyways.  The most intimate interaction I’ve had in the past three years, now revealed.  The comfort of living esconsced…

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