A Comedy Of EXTREME Errors

Borrowing my friend Waiting For Satan‘s blogging style, I pose to you the question: what should BA have done to work the situation to his favor?
















4 thoughts on “A Comedy Of EXTREME Errors

  1. Wow, can you say ‘Super thirsty’… BA should have cut his losses at the beginning of the conversation, lets say around where it was said, “Feel free to delete my number as I have done yours.”.

  2. I think he made a valiant effort. I can only read between the lines that on their first date he brought her to a frat party – something that isn’t for everyone. Maybe he could have said something like …. I’m not just a frat guy. I admit that was dumb to bring you there. I would like to show you also my more sophisticated side. I like xyz…I am studying …abc and I would like to ….someday. Maybe that could have intrigued her. Because I think she already categorized him as a frat guy and didn’t want to dig any deeper. Maybe he also drinks too much for her? Who knows?

  3. You are correct, Rose. It was a bold, courageous effort. But also, naive to the point of discomfort! He was already written off months ago, but he appears with a nonchalant, ‘Free for lunch?’ as if all is well!
    Then he went on listing what qualities she has that he likes and qualities that he has that she’s already refused. BA is delusional and very self-absorbed.
    He could’ve redeemed himself. He COULD have. But when it came to the question, ‘What do YOU have to offer that I genuinely desire?’ He should’ve countered to the effect of, Since I assumed what you desired before, I want to know what your desires are and I will do my best to fulfill them. Again, shows no initiative. Treated the entire exchange like a job interview.
    To clarify the frat thing, he and I are the same age, decades from collegiate life. He didn’t come to my house when I asked for his company, a 40-minute drive, but when his frat brothers gathered in Miami, he packed a bag and drove the 4 1/2 hours coast to coast to bro it up. Yeeeeeeah. Real committed to pursuing women and romance, huh?

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