Oh Sweetie, I’ll Always Take A Woman’s Word Over A Man’s…


Vision board pinup of Mimi (courtesy Dina Feinstein)

Over on Facebook I’m promoting my upcoming novel, I Blew Up Juarez. Every Tuesday until the book release, I’m gonna feature a character teaser. Last week, everyone met Phoebe Maclaggan, and this week, Mimi Deshpande, a tiny woman with a big attitude!

In this video, Mimi’s attempt to join a sorority is floundered when Johnny needs intel on her brother, Rockaway. WATCH [start at 10:22]:

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Writer and storyteller with a penchant for the darker side of life.

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  1. Did you link the correct video?
    I love your voice – it very clearly segregates your characters. I hope you write them with the apostrophes and such to delineate them.

    I can image the pushback you got from Big Publishing on this work.

  2. “Shit, where are my pants? I need my phone.”

    Totally accurate response from an Army guy.

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