My Super Hot Photo Shoot, Part Two

Calling your expert, artistic eye back to the decision room, please!

On Wednesday, your wonderful selves helped sieve out the ideal from the not-so-ideal author bio candidates. Based on views alone, we’re left with these three:

This is my attempt at character.
This is my attempt at character.
I said laugh, don't howl like a banshee!
I said laugh, don’t howl like a banshee!
We're totally invading my friend's stoop.
We’re totally invading my friend’s stoop.

The photo shoot moved south from Gulfport, and I changed outfits. The first part was the eclectic-electric (and did you catch the ode to Velma and Daphne in the ensemble?) version of Von. The second shoot, I was going for spiritual, contemplative Von. With chains, of course.

Again, throwing the raw files up, with a couple that have been slightly enhanced. So what’s it gonna be, Dear Reader? I say, narrow it down to your Top Two in the Comments section! Enjoy judging.

Location: Pass-A-Grille Historic District, St. Pete Beach, Florida

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