You Don’t Have AIDS

Demonstrating my short fiction skills..enjoy!

The Archives of Von Simeon

The screen flashes my age: 26. Then a figure in a triangle shape, signifying female. After that it displays my height, five feet eight inches. The screen clears to zero, which is the digital scale’s signal for me to place the pads of my feet on top of the sensors. The screen momentarily goes blank, then returns 126.6 pounds. I look up at the fitness calendar from two weeks ago. I weighed 128.8.

Yep. I have AIDS.

I pick the darkest colored scarf from my hair accessories bucket and drape it over my head, symbolically representing the end of my full head of black hair, tying it tightly, to experience the last full rush of blood to my brain. For not only do I have AIDS, but I am dying of it, today.

Somebody should know about this. In my pajama shirt, baggy blue sweatpants, and canvas slip-ons I…

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