About To Hit The NOx On This Biznatch

This dilapidated spine brought to you by the letter C.

I can’t even sit straight, my muscles have atrophied into this position!

But I did it, I pushed through. Had some clean ups, realized I repeated myself in places, but, my dear fellow NaNo-ites, I am at 41,250 on my word count!! Anyone using Scrivener knows the joy of seeing that Project Targets bar shift from yellow to green.

The kicker is knowing Thanksgiving is coming around, and we’re all gonna be in Eff-NaNo Mode, especially those of you set to slave in the kitchen.

I think I can allow myself the rest of the evening off. Back on it manana! Lemme leave you on this magical scene from Key & Peele, the physical inspiration for Momma’s Boy [3:06]:

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