Staring Death In Its Stale Orange Eye

Oh this was a fun one. Bested by broadband! Heidegger would cry.

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Original Post Date May 29, 2013 at 03:14 PM

The author tumbles through an array of emotions after being bested by Brighthouse Networks.

new-orange-dalek-full20130528_173708Dead in the water. Brighthouse Cable and Internet Service is down. My cable modem, a stale orange light. And I happen to be revising a flash back scene. What was the name of that street? Click. Doh! What are the nearest universities to Bowie, Maryland? Click. Son of a….!

And there it was, my moment. My evidence of predetermination. I have willed myself towards information technology, and, instead of metering my participation with it, have fully thrown myself into a dependency for the Internet.

I started obsessing over the deterministic properties of technology many moons ago after reading The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger, my favorite philosopher. You can tell he’s my sage, as I’m constantly extolling the virtues of balancing information and communication technologies with…

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