Reinvention and Reciprocity

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You should feel this breeze coming in from the lake through my balcony door. Magnificent. Magical. Mesmerizing. Memphisto…no wait. Wrong M.

It fills my studio with a crisp, cool air, good for the lungs, the sinuses, good to give me goose bumps so I can stay energized. Yup, Blitzkrieg still on, with a NaNoWriMo session this morning as a slight interlude. Both works are progressing wonderfully. A little fatigued, but in a way one feels fatigued after a great workout. Pumped, energetic, slightly sweaty, needing to take a piss.

This year I have the great fortune of being missed while stashed away in the Treehouse. I’ve had guests over, I’ve had people feed me, well-wishers via text, and a few Tweets of love. For that, I am grateful. The last two years were quiet and solitary, what I absolutely wanted. This year, plugging away at the final stretch of the…

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