Reinvention and Reciprocity

You should feel this breeze coming in from the lake through my balcony door. Magnificent. Magical. Mesmerizing. Memphisto…no wait. Wrong M.

It fills my studio with a crisp, cool air, good for the lungs, the sinuses, good to give me goose bumps so I can stay energized. Yup, Blitzkrieg still on, with a NaNoWriMo session this morning as a slight interlude. Both works are progressing wonderfully. A little fatigued, but in a way one feels fatigued after a great workout. Pumped, energetic, slightly sweaty, needing to take a piss.

This year I have the great fortune of being missed while stashed away in the Treehouse. I’ve had guests over, I’ve had people feed me, well-wishers via text, and a few Tweets of love. For that, I am grateful. The last two years were quiet and solitary, what I absolutely wanted. This year, plugging away at the final stretch of the manuscript, mere weeks away from book launch, hanging out with you cool catz on this new bloggy blog, and I’m getting invites to perform, to play and to party, invites I can’t fulfill UNTIL THE BLITZKRIEG IS OVER. I’m treating those invites as rewards. Von, Master of Self-Discipline.

Already fielding Thanksgiving plans. I try to cook at one and hang out at the others. Not gonna stretch myself thin this year, but I am looking forward to cooking for more than myself and Bobby T. I do miss house parties. How’s it go? ‘I hate people, but I love gatherings!’ No, really. I do enjoy cooking, and for lots of people. It’s my form of reciprocity; I have so many people in my life and inner circle I appreciate, I look forward to spending time with them, and I’m grateful they check on me even when I say, leave me alone!

So check this out…I was going through my winter clothes bag, only to discover everything I had was a size extra large or higher. Former Fat Girl Problems, amirite? I found my favorite hoodie I used to rock all over campus, and hated the thought of Goodwilling it, when I was struck with a brilliant idea. I sent a text to The Sprite: I am commissioning you to make a pillow. Her response:

I had a couple of small pillows doing nothing in my closet, so I brought the hoodie and the pillows to her last week. Today at her house, she presented the completed work, noting it was super easy and she watched Futurama while making it. I like the thought of Bender encouraging her creativity forward.

But look at this awesomeness in the gallery! That pillow would’ve cost probably $40 at the bookstore. And it really is gorgeous; it doesn’t look like it ever was a pullover. But that’s Marie for ya; magic at the sewing machine. I told her, you need to Pin Dat Shit!!

So while you enjoy your weekend, I will do the same whilst my fingers go clackity clack clack and my brain oozes amazing plots and twists. If you’re still rockin’ out on NaNo, kudos to you homeskillet!

Working sans music tonight. It’s gettin’ REAL.

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