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Fur mein Deutschefreunden 😉

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Original Post Date August 21, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Down with an arm injury, the author spends a day admiring her hero, Cyndi Lauper.

unusual_cover1voguetweetYet another swath of severe thunderstorms rolled over Tampa Bay yesterday evening. Bobby and I napped as our lake saturated. At 7:12pm, the sun burst over as if it was high noon. The ‘all clear’ signaled us down into the yard. I stepped forward and Bobby advanced, then perked his ears and raised an alert paw. Bobby toed forward suspiciously, then stopped, and when he was certain the approaching person was a familiar, he torpedoed straight towards her. I quickened my steps, knowing Bobby’s signature move of hurling his body up and into you like a four-legged Bouncing Betty. Sure enough, he swirled and smacked into my dear neighbor, a 94-year old East German woman.

Suss! Suss! Mein klein hund,” she insisted, flatting her hand…

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