7:04AM. Manuscript refitted to 82,834 from 90,000.

I was actually startled by the sun already being up when I rolled my spine up straight. Bobby’s had the bed to himself the entire night. He must be in doggy heaven.

Can’t really blink right now.

I discovered if I’m cold, I won’t fall asleep. Also, there are people who are not good at snark, but are determined to post comments anyways. Ahh, humanity!

The toughest thing in pulling an all-nighter is realizing you’ve just heaped on just as much work as you thought you cleared away. In my case, I discovered a fishtail in my ending chapters. Freakin’ freaky freak freak FUCK!

Sleeping on it. Best to sleep on these things.

7:10am. Going to bed now. Please leave witty, thoughtful comments. And of course, click to Follow my blog! Nothing like new friends.

Good morning.

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