Wonder Woman Has Clocked Out

Original Post Date July 10, 2013 at 11:24 AM

The author hangs up her superhero persona for some needed respite.

Von Simeon needs a break from Von Simeon.

The drive from Tampa International Airport towards Gulfport was so enchanting, it sapped any want for me to do any work last Friday. Thankfully, Trace was of the same sentiment. She met me atStella’s and we lollygagged until 1:30. Mind you, our session started at 10am. We did work through a full chapter and some change, a segment of I Blew Up Juarez I would define as ‘delightfully sinister.’  After that, my brain auto-hibernated. Johnny Girl, you’re gonna have to take a back seat for a couple of weeks.

The call for escapism was amplified last Sunday on Siesta Key. Our special little spot was crawling with…tourists! I cranked up my Beach Playlist to try to ignore them, but the encroachment was too distracting. So I’m taking it north of here, into the interior, towards the big shiny city that is Orlando. I’ll take theme park tourists over beach tourists any day.

I’ve reverse-parked the invisible jet in the parking garage, set the lasso of truth to “meh,” and changed out of those ridiculous spangly hiphuggers for some REAL shorts. I am Diana Prince in Orange County folks! See you back here in two weeks. 


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