2013 Halloween: Rollin’ Holy

Ahh, Halloween! Love this celebration. You get to dress as any frightening creature you want, and in turn, you get hit on by frightening creatures all night long. It’s like a regular night out but with all the ugly on the surface.

This year, I was invited to a family-friendly party, so I decided to pick a costume that depicts someone who easily frightens children. So naturally I went with the Catholic Church, and pieced together this ensemble:

Go ahead, admit it. I make for one hot dude.

Of course, there’s a backstory. Cardinal Julio Ximenez got his start as a young priest accompanying Vasco Nunez de Balboa on his exploration of Central America in the 1500s. He moved up fast in the ranks, and was successful in keeping a dark secret: Fr. Julio liked to dress in women’s clothing. His debut as Cardinal was going smooth, meeting Christ’s followers and offering blessings, but in the course of ceremony, ripped the back of his cassock:

Bless you my child…

One faithful, at Cardinal Ximenez’s feet, noticed the tear in the cloth, and upon examining it further, found the truth!

Your Eminence? Are you wearing…fishnet stockings?

Cardinal Ximenez, now exposed, was sent to Maine to a monestary to address his mental illness. Hope to see you again soon, Your Eminence!

Here’s the BEST picture taken of what I was wearing underneath the visor and cassock. BEST in that the least intoxicated person took this:

Julio in drag!

And what’s a Halloween-themed post without a ghost story? Here I flow for ya:

Happy Halloween all!

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