How I Deal With Life

Meet Eunice, the wise Oracle in hand puppet form. Posted from WordPress for Android

The Other Woman

[Flash Fiction writing prompt, time = 30 minutes]Didn't expect to be here again.Then again, didn't expect it to be me standing before her, she, crumpled against the ground, crying. From my position at the height of the stairs I'm looking down at her, legs splayed, black dog on leash to one side, dressed in all … Continue reading The Other Woman

Martial Arts Movies and Mega-Sandwiches. This is THE LIFE.

Smell that? I showered. Just for you! Man, have I got this Week of Christmas thing down. The mood was definitely set with a hike through Weedon Island Preserve. Then I spent Christmas Eve prepping for Christmas Day Treat (taking myself to a movie I know I'll enjoy, but most people in my life would … Continue reading Martial Arts Movies and Mega-Sandwiches. This is THE LIFE.

The ULTIMATE After Christmas Blunt Sandwich*

Layers (from the top): Sam's homemade bread Sam's homemade butter Tammy's eggplant stuffing Cranberry sauce slices Mashed potatoes Tony's perfect turkey Green bean casserole *: blunt not necessary in order to enjoy, but it helps! Posted from WordPress for Android

My Easy Stew Recipe Will Save Your Life!

1.20.14: Featured over at! It's the day before The Day Before. I want you to plan ahead. After all, didn't you just overindulge in food mere weeks ago? Those leftovers, geez, after a few days you could not look at any of those sides without hating life. Von's here to help. Back in November, … Continue reading My Easy Stew Recipe Will Save Your Life!

2013: The Year Of, You Are SOO Not Good At This

Ay carajo. It wasn't shocking enough to find out Aaron Hernandez kept all his crime gear in a rented, easily-accessible apartment, pretty much placing his guilt on a silver platter, but then THIS guy, John Beale, Environmental Protection Agency administrator, confesses to pretending to be a CIA covert for ten years, just so he can … Continue reading 2013: The Year Of, You Are SOO Not Good At This

Feelin’ Like A Struck Match

  The back of my eyeballs hurt. This is the un-fun part of authorship. The point right before publication, raking through each chapter one mo' gen, making sure there's no escaping extra spaces, or errant commas, or misspelled names. Yes, I've managed to misspell my own characters' names in several places. These are the tasks … Continue reading Feelin’ Like A Struck Match

Meet Sergeant Papi Chulo, The Company Guy

When in a pinch, when you need someone who's practiced in discretion, when you need a wingman, you call on Papi Chulo. Every unit's got this guy; the Puerto Rican/Cuban/Mexican/Dominican who's down for whatever! Johnny and Phoebe enlist Sgt. Papi Chulo in their antics:

NEW VIDEO: Two Chapters From I Blew Up Juarez

Back in October, I was the featured presenter at Wordier Than Thou in Saint Petersburg. The chapters I read were those that immediately followed Johnny's unintended, yet catastrophic, destruction of the city of Juarez. Hope you like curse words; there's a lot of 'em. For contextual use, of course! Listen to my not-so-soothing voice as … Continue reading NEW VIDEO: Two Chapters From I Blew Up Juarez