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Writer’s Block @ Community Cafe October Meeting

A Gathering of Artists


Writer’s Block @ Community Cafe September Meeting

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!




And now for the Sexy Dance Party…

Epic Selfie Fail

Apparently, the mobile application for WordPress allows you to make a quick video, then upload it into a video post lickity split. Nah. Didn’t happen. That was my attempt at a unique NaBloPoMo moment, but alas, no.

I will tell you this: I got the arc done. Yessir! The arc. Is DONE. Which means, I can get back in shoot ‘em up, fight club, bang bang mode, and sail this awesome manuscript on.

Three full days. I am treating myself to a movie! Here’s an audio representation of a pat on my back:

Where Ya At, NaNoWriMos?

1106stats16,459 as of half an hour ago! Whatever the spirit creatures in my creative space are injecting me with, it’s working. I’m above average on word count every day. I’ve routinized my morning where I don’t turn on my phone or any music player until I bang out the next NaNo scenario. What do they say? 28 days and it’ll become a habit? Better than nicotine, I tell ya!

Today I’m kicking off Da Blitzkrieg. Tackling this second half of the manuscript and not leaving The Treehouse until it’s plated. I told everyone last night this was my last outing until next Wednesday, at the soonest. Once I’m on a trajectory, it’ll take a phone call from the White House to call me off. I’m excited about this. Kinda reminds me of grad school. Why did collecting and describing data excite me so? Ah yes, mere preparation for this portion of my artistic journey.


Von2Very excited to make new bloggy friends from all over the world, as well as reconnect with loved ones all over the world via this portal. Best way to get a hold of me this month, peeps. The phone stays off while I write. I only log into Skype when a Skype date has been pre-arranged, or I need to bother Spring about something.

Xbox time is slim to none, although I did take a break yesterday to catch up on The Daily Show, Colbert Report and SNL. Kerry Washington, ya’ll! Who dat who dat who dat BITCH…haha! She killed it.


Here’s an inspirational song to get you NaNoWriMos thinking about the awesomeness of your new title: AUTHOR…


Random Thoughts by Von Simeon

(30 minutes)

The challenge is to write 2k a day for NaNo, and post at least 15-30 mins worth of material to this blog. If you received my digest in your in box this morning, you will have noticed a series of posts that lasted the span of the previous night, starting at 8pm EST, ending 7am EST. So let me simultaneously pat myself on the back for staying on task, and apologize to you, dear follower, and hope you don’t abandon my craziness.

Although it’s in the title, ‘Madwoman.’ You knew what you were getting into.

Fell asleep by 7:30AM. Bobby woke me at 11:30. I walked him, tried to lay back down, but realized I was hungry. And out of food. So I trudged out the door and forced myself to get basics for the week, so that I can continue my self-torture/challenge of writing, blogging, and revising every day at least up to November 11th. That’s my goal: get everything pinched out in two weeks.

Because I’m INSANE.

I didn’t get to do any work on Momma’s Boy today, but I at least thought about it. :) Although the support team at NaNoWriMo does say, if you need to take a day, take a day, just stay focused on that halo. Hope this one is sized to accommodate my bull horns this year.

Still worried about the revelation of the fishtail in I Blew Up Juarez. What’s a fishtail, Von? A fishtail is when your story goes in two (or more) directions to the end, opposite of what’s happening in the beginning and middle. Think of holding a live fish, and watching its body convulse and flip about. Nothing’s working in the same direction. The fish can’t get anywhere. Thus, the story doesn’t get anywhere. If you caught I Come From The Water, you’ll know I usually hit the pool to remedy my problems. But, cold fronts have moved into Florida over the weekend, leaving me to go run it out in the morning on the treadmill.

These are all good problems to have, though. I have the best NaNo team, my current writing partner Marie and my first writing partner, Spring. (If you can count multiple-page notes passed during class a writing partnership) So as long as my girls are at it, I’ll be at it too. Juarez, I know it’ll get figured out. I already have the treadmill playlist in my head. Open with Dropkick Murphys, then Marilyn Manson, segue to The Knife, go back to Flogging Molly, then, for grins Megadeth, come back with the Presets. Something will come out of that, I know it.

Three more minutes!

My sister informed me I will be contacted by the daughter of one of her friends regarding a recommendation to join a collegiate organization. It got me thinking to the days when I used to mentor and counsel women younger and older than me. I think about this book I’m writing, the book I’m publishing, this blog I’m managing, and I think about the women I received my empowerment from to get to this stage in life. Now, I don’t hand out recommendations all willy-nilly, I like to explore the character of a person, how they contribute to society now, and how her current commitments will affect her future endeavors. I’ll always encourage a person, especially college kids, they’re my preferred population, to dream big but be realistic. Have a vision, but have a sustainable, flexible plan. Shit, here I am typing to you what I need to be telling her! Silly me.

Ding! 30 minutes.

I’m gettin’ good at this shit.

Let me leave you with this little sliver of magic:

Watch this Deep Thought Narrated by Jack Handey

My 2013 NaNoWriMo Influences

Yup, I’m a freakin’ zealot. Trying to complete my manuscript revisions to deliver for final editing by November 13. But noooo, I gotta throw my writing pen into the National Novel Writing Month ring and go for Halo Numero Dos.

Day 2 of the competition and I’m rowing along smoothly. Marie and I are planning to meet this evening for a writing session. That’s right. You go ahead and hit the nightclubs. We party hard with our word processors!

Am writing a horror story, working title, Momma’s Boy. I don’t really have to stretch the imagination too far to satisfy a lead character profile, thanks to every single strange Generation X and Y-er who’s introduced me to his exponentially stranger mother. It’s an epidemic, people. Let’s stop having babies for a minute and figure out why women are screwing with their sons’ heads!

Off the soapbox.

As per my style, I gotta have a song in my head in order to get flowing, and this is the song I’ve chosen as this novella’s theme:

But this particular episode of Key & Peele really brought my lead character to life [06:36]:

Dan Smith KILLED IT!!

The STAR of my horror story credit: Key & Peele, Comedy Central

The STAR of my horror story credit: Key & Peele, Comedy Central

Happy NaNoWriMo Season! May your pens be swift, your keypad be stable, your coffee be strong.

I, Author

Original Post Date March 06, 2013 at 07:50 PM

The definition of author proofed by superhuman attributes.

“And what is your occupation?”2013-03-05 17.05.35 2013-03-05 15.23.22

“I’m an author.”

The words tumbled out of my mouth like house keys in front of the door from an errant hand.  As subconscious as the reflex which captured the keys before they hit the floor.

I am an author.

Granted, I was speaking to someone gathering information to assess an insurance quote, but the exchange held significance.

We are conditioned to announce titles only if bestowed by society.  I am not big on waiting for social acknowledgement.

I write, therefore I am.

If you would have asked me a year ago this month, I would have entered into some haphazard diatribe about a dream deferred and coming out of the darkness and other sad cliches, then have petered out with a disillusioned whimper.  The curse of the shadow artist.  The artist lives, but we’re too afraid to admit it.  Why?

This comes natural to me.

In November 2012, I participated in National Novel Writing Month and won!  The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words – think “The Great Gatsby” – in thirty days.  I did it in nineteen.

I didn’t write poppycock either.  I had colleagues read my rough and their critiques were in the neighborhood of repairable grammar.  Bragging?  Might as well.  I’ve never had an issue producing written works.  Which is why I don’t understand how college students can’t hammer out a simple 200-word essay.  I can be drunk, high, with a hand tied to a foot, and it would be cherry!

Longhand used to be my preferred method, but like most cyborgs, overuse of a particular assembly results in ugly wear and tear.  Adamantium arm in backorder.  Before my hand literally curls shut, I can compose on average twenty pages front and back on college ruled paper, about 5,000 words in one session.

To counter my withering instrument, I work in a sweet wireless setup on my couch opposite a 50″ screen.  This allows me stellar witching hour compositions in my jimmy jams.

As any warrior poet knows, a pen and notebook should always be at the ready, at the waist or to the back.  You never know when inspiration strikes.  This particular entry was drafted under a clear blue Saint Petersburg sky and proofed at Taco Bus.

No, I did not buy that insurance policy.  But she hung up the phone noting she completed a conversation with Ivonne, the author.  She probably slept peacefully that night.

This is my station in life.  I am quite comfortable here.


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