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It’s My Anniversary!

One year ago, I moved from to WordPress and never looked back!!

Love my blog. Love all of you who read my blog. Keep reading, I’ll keep writing! :*


Midwest, Ho!

Twice In One Year I’ve Watched This Video

Can’t seem to remember what it’s for…oh yeah!…cruddy old age…  :) gone GREEN!

As in ‘go’, as in ‘green light’…clean ups on every page. Especially check out my I Blew Up Juarez tab…did I answer your questions satisfactorily? Think I covered ‘what is the book about?’ and ‘where can I find it?’ as succinctly as possible. And please do Like the page, but only if you mean it ;)

If You’ve Got 5 Minutes, Could You Please Judge Me?

You know how you look at a thing too long you don’t know if you’re done? I’ve updated two of my Pages, “All About Von” and “Make Contact”.  Well if you could just dance through those, offer edits where necessary, so I can stop looking at this, I’d really appreciate it!

Going to walk away and shower while you do that. Maybe eat lunch. Yeah, lunch…

The Best of Von Simeon Continues

Week 2 of WordPress hiatus keeps the “Best of…” collection going! I’ll do art, dating, and sports for you this week. Until then, check out this birthday gallery. Smoochies!

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Putting Them Bitches To Work

Continuing from Stank Ass Bitches

Since they didn’t want to leave, I made them take the video! When it gets a little Blair Witch Project, you’ll know why:

Over 200 Followers and 500 Likes! Not Bad.

A token of my appreciation for you, my dear sweet reader…


En Homage To My Favorite Hungarian

Hargitai wrote this poem in reaction to Dameron's surrealist piece.

Hargitai wrote this poem in reaction to Dameron’s surrealist piece.

Peter Hargitai is a Master poet and composer who has taught at several American universities and is finally retired in Saint Petersburg. His works I wish I could match in depravity and humor, and so, I treat his writing style as the gold ring to retrieve. You can find his works out in iPubs.


Here, I’m doing voice practice to his original poem. You can read along with the picture…




Standing On My Toes To Kiss Him

This poem is bringing a lot of hits to the blog; thanks! Glad you like it, and since you like it, why don’t I voice it for ya?  Let’s do a follow along…click on the link to open another window, come back here to start the video, then read along with me. Enjoy!



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