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The Gist of Turkey Weekend in 4 Pictures

A dog got a bone.


A turkey gets cooked without me touching it.


A college football game end zone seat with my butt in it.


A visit to the Fort during another stunning Florida sunset.


It’s My Anniversary!

One year ago, I moved from to WordPress and never looked back!!

Love my blog. Love all of you who read my blog. Keep reading, I’ll keep writing! :*


Writing Horror: A Feel Good Activity


Bela Lugosi as Dracula

The moderator of my new writing group was kind enough to edit my latest horror story’s opening gore scene two weeks ago. Finally, after a week of not-so-great moments, I pulled myself together to address her notes, as I’ve given myself a personal deadline of completing a first draft by Sunday, 5 October.

But how to go about it? On Saturday, Texas A&M played against Mississippi State (you can never get tired of typing Mississippi…Mississippi…Missississp..oops!),Ole Miss against Alabama, LSU played Auburn, and Michigan State played Nebraska. I usually hunker down when intense writing – telly vision and phone off, mood music, tea kettle on perpetual boil – but there’s a deadline AND football! What to do, what to dooooo…?

I decided to give distracted writing a chance. I left the ArtHouse, arrived at the poolhouse, set the telly to Game 1 and began to review edits. By the time Mississippi State posted 24 points over the Aggies, I finished her notes, and expanded in ever so gruesome detail the horrors of that particular scene, channeling my frustration with Kenny Hill and the entire Aggie offense, and yes, even you Seals-Jones!, into Scrivener.

While Game 2 was on, a gaggle of tween girls entered the house to use the computer terminals. No biggie; as long as they didn’t interrupt my football watching or my train of thought. They loudly looped a very popular song, much to my chagrin, then started to sing boisterously along with it! I tell ya, nothing will get your skin crawling, nay, UNDULATING, like 11 year old girls singing, “I’m gonna love youuu/until you hate meee…” at the top of their just-started-menstruating lungs. Which inspired another gore scene. Thanks creepy girls!

Between Game 2 and Game 3 I got into a heated text-fight with the BF. To comfort myself, I sought either a bowl of cheese or a burger, to which a visit to Local Family-Friendly Sports Bar was in order. I got the manager to kindly put Auburn-LSU on the top screen, Michigan State-Nebraska on the lower screen, ordered a medium rare Angus beef burger, and continued drafting hate-fueled sequences in my writing journal.

All at once, I was eating, watching plays, writing scenes, fact checking data, web searching points of reference, maintaining all at a constant flow:

As Auburn was metaphorically stomping LSU’s nuts, I took to physically macerating a character’s genitals. Nebraska and Michigan State were putting up such a frenzy, I used the excitable energy around me to describe a shoot out. Not trying to be an entire asshole, I text-apologized the BF between burger bites. By Nebraska-Michigan State’s half, I had finished my first draft!

Man, do I feel accomplished! And happier with the SEC. Big 10, well, you know I’ll always love you, heck, my protagonist’s family hails from East Lansing, Michigan! Kenny, get it together for next week, or at least, fail so miserably I’ll have no choice but to kill a character in my next story.

Ya never know what’ll work until you try it!

Wordless Wednesday: Trust


Read My Book? Need Your Feedback ASAP!

Love that you bought it, would REALLY love your feedback!


You bought my book? AWESOME! Wanna tell me what to do next? Also awesome!

Go RIGHT NOW to Make Contact and select FOCUS GROUP from the pull-down menu.

I’m collecting information to help me decide my next move in the book game.

As always, thanks for playing along!



Weekend Plans: On Girlfriend Duty

So this is happening to me on Saturday:


My Brand New Boyfriend is a loyal Bulls fan, a season ticket holder, and is BIG on tailgating. I get a sense of, either I get into his conference this year, or I’m just not gonna see the guy! I’m gonna be a good sport; I even bought a fitted tee with USF across the chest. After all, I gotta out-girlfriend the other girlfriends!! ;)

Meanwhile….tonight is Texas A&M v South Carolina! The SEC… the conference of CHAMPIONS! 

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat


Explorer turned into camper. Tombigbee State Park, Mississippi

Midwest, Ho!

Up To Something Good


If it seems I’ve been neglecting this blog, I assure you it’s for a great reason! I gave myself until the 14th of this month to make necessary shit happen.  Still in the throes of it, and am eager to share what I’ve been up to once we achieve success. So if you have a tendency to think negative thoughts about me, I ask you, kindly, just for this week, to put out a bit of positive energy into the Universe for me. Trust, if all goes my way, you shall be thoroughly entertained!!

Wish me glück/chance/suerte/luck…

Busted My Cyclist Cherry


Ain’t she purty? My new bicicleta!!

You should’ve saw me today! Road warrior, pedal master, burnin’ rubber like I’ve been doing it all my life.

It is really true, you don’t forget riding a bicycle.

Gift to myself, for selling ALL my inventory of paperbacks (and many thanks to you who purchased directly from me!) I invested in a beach cruiser. Low, wide seat, light aluminum frame, backpedal brakes. Easy ridin’. Not trying to be Lance Armstrong here.

It also makes sense. I work from my ArtHouse and if I need resources, they’re within a 4 mile radius. Plus, I actualized the bus stop’s mere feet from my door, so if I have a significant distance to travel, I grab the bike, load it on the bus, get to where I’m gettin’!

Luckily I’ve been running 3 miles on average for 8 weeks now, so my right knee and ankle were in great condition to handle the 8.4 mile trip I did today. We won’t know how sore I’ll be until tomorrow, but after showering, I do feel a little soreness in my hammies and my lower core. So another advantage: fitness! If my butt doesn’t already look great, oh mah gawd, it’s gonna be magnificent by the end of summer.  :)

I figure, if I can tolerate crossing the death road that is U.S. 19, riding in 93 degree F and 100% humidity, and getting dirt and water kicked up on me in traffic, I can turn this into a lifestyle. Watch, I’ll be joining a cycling team! Then the Tour de France. Then the revelation that my bloodstream is chock full of drugs!

Thinking about it? Here’s my recommendations:

  • If you’re a female, announce you’re a female – this strays into sexism, but hear an experienced person out. Back in the day, I used to ride my

    ESSENTIALS: roomy backpack, polarized wraparound sunglasses, sturdy bike lock, and a fishing knife, because after all, this is Florida.

    motorcycle on solo trips, and I noticed a hint of pink made a difference between a Mustang running me off the road and a Mustang playing defense for me. I was lucky to find this shocking pink outdoor bag at Wallyworld for $19.

  • Helmet – No one enjoys brain splatter, not even the most seasoned of trauma specialists.
  • Activate GPS for bike routes – this was awesome today…I had reset Google Maps to bike routes, kept a bud in one ear, and listened as the chick routed me to the bike trails. In a car, you don’t know where they are.
  • Hydrate constantly – this pack I bought doesn’t have the “camelback”, the reservoir you keep on your back with a hose to sip through while riding. If you’re planning to do some serious travelling, especially in this heat, get you one, stat. I had my aluminium bottle and I refilled it upon every stop.
  • Cooler packs work in bike packs – I took the blue bricks I use for my food cooler and stuffed them along the spine of my bike pack to keep cool. Also helps if you have lower back pain; ices you down nicely.
  • Where your eyes go, the bike goes – Be a defensive rider, but keep in mind, the bike only moves if you’re moving. Eyes forward!

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