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Let’s Get Explicit

You music lovers need to be following Mik Mob’s Music Mass! Sometimes I get lucky enough to catch the ‘fresh’ posts and listen to some DIAMONDS like DJ Assault!!

‘Ass-N-Titties’…WOW…that’s taking it back to the house parties! If you weren’t spinnin’ Ass-N-Titties at your party, well…you never *really* had a house party. ;)

May I also please encourage you to follow with, ‘Dick By The Pound’…

Electroluv – Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away.

Weekend Plans: Diggin’ Thru The Crates, 90s Style


“Am I miserable because I listen to punk? Or do I listen to punk because I’m miserable?”

These classics are great movies + great soundtracks. While I edit photos, will be playing these in the background. Starting with High Fidelity, natch!

The Food. The Men. The Thunder.

Center of the Universe

Towards The Center Of The Universe

Wherever I May Roam



Yes folks, this is happening. I’m hittin’ the road starting this week!

Where to Von? I honestly don’t know. I’ve got gas, I’ve got maps, I’ve got information and communication technologies, and I have a badge-wearing wingman to help drive and navigate.

Why are you doing this Von? Life-wise, I need some sparkly fresh brand new so I can feel the wow again. Creatively speaking, my writing is uninspired largely because I’ve deprived myself of Befindlichkeit, which is a big pretty German word for self-discovery. Discovery is tangible – what you experience with your senses within current time/space – but self-discovery requires a more metaphysical…event, let’s put it. I’m gonna position myself in physical places I’ve never been before, connect cosmically with what or whoever has a cosmic charge, and throw myself into uncertainty, allowing reactions to happen in whichever plane of existence that happens.

And no, I am not using any drug, natural or manufactured, in order to encourage these events forward. Clean and sober and open-minded. That’s how this is going down!

I will regularly post to this blog, at least to let you know I haven’t been slaughtered. Since I’ll be working off of WordPress for Android, my posts might be more Instagrammy than verbose; I’m sure you’ll understand. :)

I will tell you I’m not doing the Atlantic seaboard or New England; I’ve done that drive four times in the past ten years. Something fresh and new means in the guts of Merica! Maybe even up to oohhhhh Caaaannaaaddaaaahhhhhhh

This is Von Simeon, signing off, and leaving you with a sweet song to remember me by…


Computer Blue


My e-boyfriend dumped me.

Gist of the situation is, he can certainly dish it out, but can’t take it. I see it as his Hero Complex mixed with his personal insecurities being projected in our time-delayed interaction. While I’m e-sad about it, I shall e-get over it.

I’m e-single again, and e-looking.  ;)

Are online relationships real? Yes! It’s in the word…you are relating with someone on a level other than material. Digital relationships can be just as disruptive as physical relationships, just as ephemeral, just as challenging.


He was cool though. I did enjoy the short time we spent together. Hopefully he gets over being butthurt and we can reconnect as e-friends. Hey, I let all of you know up front – I am a mad woman. Don’t act shocked when you experience it.

I dedicate this to you, ex-e-bf. Til I find that righteous one…



The Revenge Master

Three years ago, I discovered and fell in love with Chan Wook Park. Not familiar? He’s the director of Oldboy, Mr. Vengeance, and Lady Vengeance, a powerful revenge trilogy that I find, alongside many other movie fans, exemplifies the consummate redemption tale. Yes, I’m including Tarantino’s Kill Bill volumes, and you guys know how much I love Kill Bill.

Imagine my elation when I noted my Netflix queue was repopulated with Lady Vengeance! Hit A then A again on the Xbox controller aaand…

Love this movie. Gorgeously shot, beautiful sets, Vivaldi stitched into the operatic story, with a flash presentation that offered me several moments of, wow, I wasn’t ready for that! Here’s a director after my heart: he celebrates friendships and femininity amongst the criminally dispositioned as well as mocks the sensationalism of religion and the superficiality of broadcast media.

Powerful scenes abound in this movie, and they could only be conveyed by the strength of all the actors; I mean, everyone was invested in the wickedness of his or her role. The one scene where Geum-Ja is alone, smoking in the salon chair and laughing mad gave me an ohhh I’ve been there moment. There’s another scene with a dog licking the barrel of a gun, which forces you to wander into your dark self and confirm your position on the matter. And Jenny, oh boy. Jenny is SO the daughter I’d have if I’d let men make decisions for me. Not gonna get all meta about Lady Vengeance or the rest of the trilogy; I’m sure there’s plenty of blogs that have covered it all ad nauseum. I’m sharing with you why it matters to me.

Like any good artist, if you’re gonna approach a medium or a technique you’re not familiar with, you gotta study the masters. When I happened across Chan’s work, I was studying contemporary writing techniques, particularly this avant garde styling called “flash fiction.”  Chan Wook-park helped style my work to relay intensity with grace. I applied it to my schooling, and the results, along with some nods to Chan, you’ll find in I Blew Up Juarez.

So are you for or against revenge? I now find revenge to be futile. It is a projection of righteousness and the dominion of absolutists who believe in Right and Wrong. Revenge is an aspect of emotion, and emotion is ruled by Ego. I strive to be ruled by Logic.

Have you executed revenge? Many moons ago and during the time when my ego defined my existence. Along with my art studies I picked up the works of Sun Tzu, Confucius and the Baghavad-Gita, and honed my living philosophy to attenuate the rationale for revenge. Now I find it ephemeral, pleasing only to the ego, like a one-night stand or the last cigarette in your pack. Once it’s done it’s done and you’re left empty and wanting, so why bother?

However, I understand revenge. I sympathize with those who have also committed revenge. Artistically, I absolutely plan to exact a revenge tale in the other Johnny books. I can’t deny how enjoyable a solidly executed redemption tale is to read or watch.

Seonsaeng Chan, if you’re looking for someone to join your writing team, I humbly seek your consideration. Gamsa habnida!! :) gone GREEN!

As in ‘go’, as in ‘green light’…clean ups on every page. Especially check out my I Blew Up Juarez tab…did I answer your questions satisfactorily? Think I covered ‘what is the book about?’ and ‘where can I find it?’ as succinctly as possible. And please do Like the page, but only if you mean it ;)

If You’ve Got 5 Minutes, Could You Please Judge Me?

You know how you look at a thing too long you don’t know if you’re done? I’ve updated two of my Pages, “All About Von” and “Make Contact”.  Well if you could just dance through those, offer edits where necessary, so I can stop looking at this, I’d really appreciate it!

Going to walk away and shower while you do that. Maybe eat lunch. Yeah, lunch…


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