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Writing Prompt: Last Day On Earth


[NOTE: I joined a new writer's group! This group differs from the old one, in that these writers are eclectic in personality, diverse in style, and disciplined to work, which is what I prefer in a group setting. Our first meeting was fun. Here's one of the 12 minute writing prompts we did; enjoy!]

Concept: A meteor is about to strike our planet, decimation of our known civilization is certain! React to the news…

My fellow Americans, Armageddon is upon us. I will not speak to you as your President, but as your neighbor. I too am terrified, of what shall become of our homes, of the natural life, and of the art we cherish. And since I have the world’s attention right now for the next 11 minutes, I’d like to go ahead and share a few things. First, I need to apologize to Ms. Jackson. It was me, not Henry, who pushed Melissa off the monkey bars. I watched as Henry got swatted over and over, tears streaming down his red face, eyes of disbelief pleading to me to tell the truth. It has haunted me this entire life and I’m glad to relieve myself. Next…I confess…I looked down Sara’s shirt in Shop class all period long. She never caught me doing it, but I know I was a total sleezeball.

Alright, let’s forget the grade school stuff. This war currently in the Middle East? Well, it’s ongiong because I lost my shirt at the White House poker table! Yup, it was me, Dubya, Dicky Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld, Metta World Peace, and Rhianna. Me against Donnie, chips high, and I lose, two sevens to his three 9s. I thought I had a good bluff, America! So yeah, you parents of soldiers battling out and losing lives over senseless interference? That’s all because of double 7s. Whew! This is therapeutic.

Okay, another one. Me, Putin and Cameron had an ultimate three way at Yves St Laurent’s former terrazzo in Marrakesh. We called it a ‘peace summit’ but really, it was all about gettin’ a piece of SOME ASS! Also, I tried LSD and I like it. I should’ve pushed for an increase in research funding because frankly, if we were all stoned right now, I think we’d be taking the end of the earth way way better.

In closing, I’m gonna roll a spliff and cheef in the Oval Office, because I’m the Chief of State, and the state I’m in merits cheefing. HA HA! This is why they got a guy to write my shit, oops, STUFF, oh hell, who the fuck cares about decorum! I’m gonna take off my clothes now…EVERYONE GET NAKED AND START FUCKING!!

President, out! <drops pen like a mic>

Original composition 9.7.14


Physically Fit And Mentally Shattered


Fun Fact: An hour prior to this photo, I endured a manic attack. This shit is real.

One leg in front of the other. One strides, the other pops, as I challenge myself around the block. Figure four times around will make a quarter mile, figure a quarter mile is all my busted knee and shattered ankle can stand. Inhale and exhale metering easy. Shoulders low, arms heart level, knees hitting at the 90 degree angle. This is also known as a battalion run.

Open up into a quasi-sprint rounding the corner towards Manatee Avenue, sweetly greeted by a plume of pungent kush. I already like this neighborhood. Push through and then out the sprint to curve onto Manatee. Ten months of bullshit and the Courier 12 point font hearing decision proclaims, “The claimant’s disability continues.” I feel my knees pick up to work out the frustration, this unnecessary bureaucratic ordeal weighing on me like I’ve put back on the 80 pounds I’ve lost cumulatively in the past three years. Frustration reverts to pleasant curiosity as I pass a white clapboard house swirling with the sexy scent of bacon. I slow to a plod and feel exceptionally carnivorous.

Just the other day, in the new shoe store along Central Ave, we were all complaining of the same health benefits issue. The shop owners, both Army, both retired and now in business selling Miami-style women’s clothes, are also struggling to maintain their disability benefits. Active duty, reservist, civilian personnel, anyone who tolerated asinine bureaucracy for the sake of public service, we’re all at the same level of irritation: we put in our time, we paid our taxes, we satisfied contracts. Now, when we’re ready to collect on our hard earned yet meager reserves, we’re forced to prove or substantiate or submit or fill out or visit a vortex of dumbfuckery.

With the help of rage, I’ve already completed three laps. Purge this hate outta my body! This is a staycation with The Boyfriend (still haven’t thought of a clever nickname for him; suggestions welcome!) and this bungalow is adorable. Our own pool and a green-friendly innkeeper. It’s our two month anniversary this weekend. Yeah, I’m becoming very gay and so far I don’t hate myself for it.

Slow to the soggy wood gate and push it open, clasp it shut behind. I follow the path around to the pool, and I collapse into a plank. Only 45 seconds this morning. Dammit I’m getting fat!

Immediately I’m reminded of this silly saying my Mom would say:

“el amor se engorda”

10 months and 4 years later, the battle for competency has come to an end. Perhaps I can enjoy life right now. I’d like to. After all, there’s a guy waiting for me inside, waiting for me to clear my head to make room for him.

Wordless Wednesday: Date Night


A Message from the Leadership at Penn State

[NOTE: I attended Penn State University and proudly earned my Master of Science in 2008, before the Sandusky/Paterno incident occurred. I was not on campus at the time these events were revealed. I abhore the actions of a small group of elitists over vulnerable children. I do not deserve the mockery, the heinous comments, and the outright unsolicited disrespect, somehow equating me to paedophiles simply because I wear a Penn State shirt or have decals on my vehicle celebrating my achievement. Most of the time I have to muster the strength to not say anything, but admittingly, it'd feel better if I could just pound those constant, ignorant bastards into the ground!

This letter is from the University President sent to all students and alumni on September 5, 2014. I've copied and pasted it here plus highlighted the particular statements which struck my sentiments exactly. This isn't just an examination of the lack of civility towards Penn State; rather, I read this as an observation of the state of modern American society, and the depths we now go to make our ability to function as a community impossible.]




A Message from the Leadership at Penn State

September 5, 2014

Dear friends:

For decades, few universities could match the considerate manner in which Penn Staters treated both friend and opponent. In particular, to see someone wearing a Penn State T-shirt while traveling was a guarantee of a common bond and warm conversation no matter how distant the location. Today, that rather remarkable bond is under stress.

Unfortunately, there are many examples in every university where differences of opinion lead to incivility. For Penn State, one issue is of particular concern. There are honest disagreements on fundamental issues related to whether our institution acted appropriately, how our institution handled a crisis, and whether the sanctions that resulted are appropriate. Reasonable people can be found on all sides of these issues. The reasons for this disagreement are clear. Much is still left to interpretation and the issues have considerable emotional significance to us all. We are likely never to have the full story. We are equally likely never to reach consensus.

The question is whether a lack of civility in discussing these issues will create a deeper divide, one that alters the remarkable bond that exists between all those who are a part of the Penn State community. Consider just a few examples that you may have also come across – the alumnus who says he lost his best friend over his opinion of the Freeh report; the alumni trustee candidate that faced dozens of unkind comments; the long time donor of time and treasure who no longer feels welcome.

Debate and disagreement are critical constructs in the role of universities in testing ideas and promoting progress on complex issues. But, the leaders of your University at every level, from the administration, faculty, staff and students, are unanimous in deploring the erosion of civility associated with our discourse. Reasonable people disagree, but we can disagree without sacrificing respect. The First Amendment guarantees our right to speak as we wish, but we are stronger if we can argue and debate without degrading others.

Today, civility is an issue that arises in many areas of campus debate. Some may argue that the lack of civility is a national issue, promoted by a growing community involved in posting anonymous comments on blogs or by acrimonious national politics. We cannot afford to follow their lead, not if we are to serve our students as role models, not if we expect to continue to attract the outstanding volunteers who serve our University in so many ways, and not if we wish to have Penn Staters take our University to new levels of excellence.

Respect is a core value at Penn State University. We ask you to consciously choose civility and to support those whose words and actions serve to promote respectful disagreement and thereby strengthen our community.


Members of the President’s Council (unanimous)

Eric J. Barron, President
Janine S. Andrews, Director, Office of the Board of Trustees and Associate Secretary
Anne (Sandy) Barbour, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Susan M. Basso, Vice President for Human Resources
Blannie E. Bowen, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Michael J. DiRaimo, Special Assistant to the President for Governmental Affairs
Stephen S. Dunham, Vice President and General Counsel
David J. Gray, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer
Madlyn L. Hanes, Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses
Craig Hillemeier, Chief Executive Officer, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center; Senior Vice President for Health Affairs; Dean, Penn State College of Medicine
Nicholas P. Jones, Executive Vice President and Provost of the University
Rodney P. Kirsch, Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Robert N. Pangborn, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education
Thomas G. Poole, Vice President for Administration/Secretary
Neil A. Sharkey, Interim Vice President for Research
Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs
Craig D. Weidemann, Vice President for Outreach and Vice Provost for Online Education
Marcus A. Whitehurst, Interim Vice Provost for Educational Equity

Members of the Academic Leadership Council (unanimous)

Francis K. Achampong, Chancellor, Penn State Mont Alto
Michael A. Adewumi, Vice Provost for Global Programs
Kelly M. Austin, Chancellor, Penn State Schuylkill
Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry, Chancellor and Dean, Penn State Altoona
Donald L. Birx, Chancellor, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Blannie E. Bowen, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Christian M. M. Brady, Dean, Schreyer Honors College
David W. Chown, Chancellor, Penn State York
Barbara J. Christ, Interim Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Ann (Nan) C. Crouter, Dean, College of Health and Human Development
Charles H. Davis, Chancellor, Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Barbara I. Dewey, Dean, University Libraries and Scholarly Communications
William E. Easterling III, Dean, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Craig S. Edelbrock, Chancellor, Penn State Great Valley
Amr S. Elnashai, Dean, College of Engineering
Gary S. Gildin, Interim Dean, Penn State Law in Carlisle
Davie Jane Gilmour, President, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Madlyn L. Hanes, Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses
Marie Hardin, Dean, College of Communications
Melanie L. Hatch, Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, Penn State DuBois
Nancy L. Herron, Interim Chancellor, Penn State Greater Allegheny
A. Craig Hillemeier, Chief Executive Officer, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center; Senior Vice President for Health Affairs; Dean, Penn State College of Medicine
R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor, Penn State Berks
James W. Houck, Interim Dean, Penn State Law at University Park
Nicholas P. Jones, Executive Vice President and Provost of the University
Barbara O. Korner, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture
Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Chancellor, Penn State Worthington Scranton
Donna J. Kuga, Interim Chancellor, Penn State Beaver
Jonna M. Kulikowich, Chair, University Faculty Senate
Mukund S. Kulkarni, Chancellor, Penn State Harrisburg
Daniel J. Larson, Dean, Eberly College of Science
Gary M. Lawler, Chancellor, Penn State Hazleton
Kenneth F. Lehrman III, Vice Provost for Affirmative Action
Paula Milone-Nuzzo, Dean, College of Nursing
David H. Monk, Dean, College of Education
Kevin M. Morooney, Vice Provost for Information Technology
Robert N. Pangborn, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education
W. Charles Patrick, Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus
Mary Beth Rosson, Interim Dean, College of Information Sciences and Technology
Karen Wiley Sandler, Chancellor, Penn State Abington
Neil A. Sharkey, Interim Vice President for Research
Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs
Kevin J. G. Snider, Chancellor, Penn State New Kensington
Regina Vasilatos-Younken, Interim Dean of the Graduate School
Craig D. Weidemann, Vice President for Outreach and Vice Provost for Online Education
Susan Welch, Dean, College of the Liberal Arts
Marcus A. Whitehurst, Interim Vice Provost for Educational Equity
Charles H. Whiteman, Dean, Smeal College of Business
Ann M. Williams, Chancellor, Penn State Lehigh Valley
Kristin R. Woolever, Chancellor, Penn State Brandywine

Members of the University Faculty Senate’s Advisory Committee (unanimous)

Mohamad A. Ansari, Penn State Berks, Chair Elect, University Faculty Senate
Thomas O. Beebee, Member, Faculty Advisory Committee to the President
Ellen A. Knodt, Penn State Abington, Member, Faculty Advisory Committee to the President
Jonna M. Kulikowich, Chair, University Faculty Senate
Chester A. Ray, Penn State Hershey, Member, Faculty Advisory Committee to the President
James A. Strauss, Secretary, University Faculty Senate
Brenton M. Yarnal, Immediate Past Chair of the University Faculty Senate

University Staff Advisory Council Executive Officers (unanimous)

Jeremy Warner, Security and Facility Manager, Palmer Museum of Art, Chair
Jennifer C. Blew, Administrative Support Assistant, Schreyer Honors College, Co-Chair-elect
Devon Marie Mower, Residence Life Coordinator, Co-Chair-elect
Susan A. Johnson, Manager of Planning and Operations, Liberal Arts, Secretary
Susan A. Johnson, Manager of Planning and Operations, Liberal Arts, Secretary
Madhavi Kari, Cocurriculum Programs Manager, Information Sciences and Technology, Secretary-elect
Pauline M. McCarl, Administrative Support Coordinator, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Past Secretary

Student leadership (unanimous)

Anand R. Ganjam, President, University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)
John Shaffer, President, Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG),
Danielle C. Rhubart, President, Graduate and Professional


Want to discuss the matter civilly? Let’s discuss…

[POEM] Tithi for the Demigod Freddie Mercury



[NOTE: HAPPY FREDDIE MERCURY DAY! En homage to my demigod, here's an updated draft of a poem I wrote in self-loathing three years ago. :) Remember, if you share, CITE!]

Freddie Mercury, if you’re listening
I speak to you shrouded under palm and cypress
sticky-skinned from tropical torrential rain
In repose, reflecting on recent regrets
wondering…do I want to live forever?
Hard rain sounds a snap snap snap against the window
metering my manic thoughts,
my Moet and Chandon, not in its pretty cabinet, but rather, bottle empty in my weakened clutch,
whilst wailing under tears, “Can anybody find me somebody to love?!”

Oh Freddie.
Am I home Freddie?
Does the fat bottomed girl deserve another turn in the buccaneer bay?
I just want to ride my bicycle
but my soul wants to burn up the sky
like she’s Mr. Fahrenheit
Oh Freddie Mercury…
how do I make a supersonic woman outta me?
Original Composition 9.3.11
Property of VS Enterprises

Read My Book? Need Your Feedback ASAP!

Love that you bought it, would REALLY love your feedback!


You bought my book? AWESOME! Wanna tell me what to do next? Also awesome!

Go RIGHT NOW to Make Contact and select FOCUS GROUP from the pull-down menu.

I’m collecting information to help me decide my next move in the book game.

As always, thanks for playing along!



This Might Be My Next Tattoo


Let’s Get Explicit

You music lovers need to be following Mik Mob’s Music Mass! Sometimes I get lucky enough to catch the ‘fresh’ posts and listen to some DIAMONDS like DJ Assault!!

‘Ass-N-Titties’…WOW…that’s taking it back to the house parties! If you weren’t spinnin’ Ass-N-Titties at your party, well…you never *really* had a house party. ;)

May I also please encourage you to follow with, ‘Dick By The Pound’…

Electroluv – Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away.

Tell Me What To Do!

Busy Secretary Working in Office

Hello friends! On April 4th of this year, I released my debut novel, I Blew Up Juarez. Proudly, I sold several copies and ran out of printed books!

I intended to put out the next “book” this holiday season, but I have another idea, and this is where I need your help!
On AUGUST 31, 2014 I’m sending out a quick survey for all readers of I Blew Up Juarez via email to collect your thoughts on how the story continues, even if you’re not finished reading the book! Exciting, right?
If you are interested in becoming a participant, please send an email titled “FOCUS GROUP” to by AUGUST 30 so that you’re included.
It will be a bcc interaction, so don’t worry about your individual opinion being lost in the mix.
I value your insight. Thanks!


Von Simeon
Author, I Blew Up Juarez

Send Me An Angel

Courtesy chinsung.tumblr

Courtesy chinsung.tumblr

[My friends and I believe I met an angel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here's the story..]


Riding the wave of musical enlightenment, I break off from my Center of the Universe clan as I proclaim in Spanish, “Necesito mear.” I need to go pee. They round the bend to find a wall to lean against while I experience the rare joy of no line for the port-o-potties!

I exit my pee terminal and find the wash stand. This is cool; a foot pump to deliver the water, a soap distributor to remain sanitized. Ahh technology! Afterwards, I open my backpack and dig for my hand lotion, the complication of darkness mixed with intoxication makes me fiend with desperation! I’m searching for this elusive bottle of lotion as I spy a group of festivalgoers carrying on in laughter and play. One of them separates from the happy herd and wanders my way. “You’re just digging away in that bag!” he notices. I give him an apprehensive look, for his hands are behind his back. The strange yet jovial man lowers his head so we’re face to face, then pronounces what he’s destined to do, “I want to give you something.” The blue eyeglasses sans lenses he’s wearing come off his face and he waves them towards me.

I smile politely and refuse, yet he’s sweetly adamant. I shake my head as I take him in: wide smile, wearing a fitted blue ball cap matching his dark blue eyes, endowed with a Bruce Campbell chin. He’s broad and tall; his body, immaculately sculpted. Holy shit, how did I not notice this dude is hot?? I smile internally at the revelation; I noticed his playful energy before I let the superficial influence me.

“Sweetie, I don’t want your glasses,” I insist.

He gestures towards me, “Take them!”

“But I already have glasses.”

“You’ll look great in them.”

“But I need glasses to see,” I explain, “there’s no lenses; how am I gonna see?”

I make a smug face. Logic trumps all.

He’s wearing the saddest look of dejection! Aww dammit, I kick myself internally, I did that thing again where I say something that makes sense to me, but comes off dickish to them. Puppy eyed, tail tucked, he starts backstepping towards his friends.

Now I realize I’m an asshole. “Come here,” I sigh, widening my arms, waving my hands to encourage him back so I can deliver an apologetic hug. “Come, come.” He smiles then wraps big arms around me, and I feel quite possibly the most purest of authentic happiness pierce my cynical skin and invade my corroded heart. We rock in this embrace. I tighten my hold as if we’ve known each other for decades.

As we pull apart, I find his face once again restored to that playful cherub. He reaches out his hand.

“High five!”

I extend my hand to flatten against his.

“Now stick out your thumb,” he instructs.

I flare my five so that my thumb sticks out. He does the same. “Now bring it in,” he instructs. I wrap my thumb around his hand and he does the same. He brings his face close to mine. “Hand hug.”

I smile. He smiles.

“Pay it forward.”

Tears fill my eyes as I nod, “I will.”

Courtesy: Kaytara

Courtesy: Kaytara


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