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Von Reco’s

Second Place

Before I go on blog holiday, let me share one piece of original work, a gift to you, my dear friend, as my thanks and gratitude. This has been quite the year on WordPress and in life. I’ve made friends, foes, trolls and frenemies here in the blogosphere, and each have contributed favorably to my art! :D

I’ll get you more details on a show featuring the First Place poem, so far I know this, from Keep St. Pete Lit‘s email:  The show will be Sat, January 24th at Soft Water Studios with two shows at 5:30-7:30pm and 8:00-10pm. Tickets will be $20.00

Whatever you get into these next few weeks, have fun, laugh often, and be excellent towards your fellow humans.

Full ekphrastic poem: arcangel_secondplace

arc angel detail

Arc Angel. Original piece. Mark Aeling, MGA Sculpture Studio, St Pete

This Guy Right Here.

Pope Francis totally crushin’ it as the vicar of Christ! :D


Inauguration of Sweet Evil, My First Tablet

*This is a test! Trying to move from handwriting to completely Swyping my random thoughts. All activity here conducted on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3…so far, very impressed!*


If ever there was a time i felt most determined by the stuff i have, it is now, with this tablet, my first accessory i don’t actually need! Do i feel guilty? Yes. Do i feel indulgent? Also yes. Do i feel deserving of this sophisticated device? Actually, yes.
I am willed towards device technology, and i am sorry. But people can change their perspectives, and really, why am i still trying to uphold an old man’s lamentations, when the most sophisticated communication device of his era was the transatlantic cable? Is this conformity? I feel not. It’s that buried catholic guilt that’s making me feel bad. Think of the poor, think of the have nots. If they had their hands on this, wouldn’t they revel in its awesomeness? Hell yeah, they would! So play along, be determined, just don’t compromise your creativity just to accommodate a tool. Remember, this is just a hammer. You could just as well break a rock by hand. It’d hurt like hell though.

Three Years of Resident Evil



When I moved here December 8, 2011, I had only one intention; to peel away the dead flesh and let someone I’d rather know emerge. I like Von Simeon; she’s a much more interesting person than whoever the fuck I was before. 

Historically a flight risk, I’ve renewed my stay at this brownstone for yet another year. Why give up the mini-empire I’ve established? Since I got here, I’ve exercised zero tolerance for wannabe criminals sullying my block – chasing out stank hoes trying to work my building, getting assholes next to me evicted, and dismissing shady peace officers. Flag or badge, I’m on to you idiots like ‘white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in the middle of a snow storm!’*

Just recently, I pissed off the OGs pushing drugs to the middle school kids up the block by slow rolling on their action and straight tellin’ their kiddie pushers to fuck off. One of the OGs tried to shake me while in my truck, but I laughed his idiocy off, like Riley does Grandpa Freeman. You see, I’m from a little town called Fort Hood, Texas, where the community motto is, “Just Give Me A Reason.” Ergo, if I feel comfortable in this space, I’m gonna maintain it as MY space!

My tenure comes with privileges… the maintenance team responds same day to my requests, the property managers know me on a first name basis, and every patrolman on overnight shift takes the time to check in with me and Bobby on our lakeview stoop. They, along with my neighbors and management understand, if something goes down within my perimeter, I’m gonna handle it, and THEN call them to deal with it. I’m no vigilante; I’m just a lame-legged retired woman who’s an excellent shot.

Already you’re thinking I live in a shitty ass neighborhood. Actually, I do not: I live in a middle income suburb on the coast, where manicured lawns and luxury cars reign supreme. It’s as if the Divine 9 held a general meeting 40 years ago and said, ‘we’re going to achieve excellence in how we live and how we raise our children by buying blocks of beautiful homes and invoking peaceful living.’ But just like other well-to-do neighborhoods in America, scabs come along on occasion, and ultimately, it is the charge of the individual to either tolerate or eradicate nonsensical behavior. That’s what I’m doing; this is how I contribute.

In reward, I’ve managed to embrace my creativity, address my disabilities, and renew my sense of spirituality all from my shaded balcony. This year the Universe felt generous enough to give me a partner in life, a proclaimed Florida Cracker, who loves me more than I can understand, but won’t refuse.

Today I celebrate locking one foot in the now, here in beautiful Pinellas County, and the other, flexed towards the future.

*Cool points if you can name the American movie where that quote is from!

Public Service Announcement From Sophia (Wisdom)


Tales From The Notepad, Part Deux

Slow week, huh? Not really trying to work or start anything new, huh? Well, do I have the best time-wasting post for you! :D

Revisiting my last successful and hilarious account of actual Inkpad Notepad app entries, I’m plucking out the most outrageous, spanning last summer to early 2014. Just like last time, I offer poems, quotes, and dialogue with just enough explanation to validate my insanity!


You guys love these raw, visceral displays of vulnerability…



You get the sense I spend most my awake hours perpetually screaming in anger, spewing flames, like that mine shaft in Pennsylvania. What’s the name of that place again? Gotta be somewhere in my notes…

At The Home Stretch #NaNoWriMo Peeps..YOU GOT THIS!!!

The time has come…

Who’s The Big Winner? Von’s The Big Winner! YAAAY!


My traditional end-of-writing-a-massive-novel routine starts with this full body breakdown…join me won’t you?…

Dedicated To My #NaNoWriMo Peeps…Week 3 = DONE! :D

Special dedication to all first-time WriMos writing a novel, like it’s never been done before…

Finished? CONGRATS! Almost done? Keep on keepin’ on!! I believe in you! :D


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