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Time To Switch Gears

What up homie! Long time no speak. I know, I know, but the Internet works both ways!

Me? Oh, been up to all kinds of things. See that picture? Those glasses are not ironic; I really can’t see! But man, are they clearer than my last pair.

Good timing that my Michael Kors-wrapped Coke bottles came in right before we left to North Carolina. Seen the pics I posted during the trip? All shot with my Galaxy S5 embedded camera. I know, right?? Got more to share, but there’s been a hitch in my giddy-up, hence why you haven’t experienced any of my money one-liners and blatherings as of late.

Now, don’t get upset but…the Scribe is dying. Yup, my faithful Samsung is on its last electronic relays. In order to get ‘work’ done, I have to maximize the 20 minutes he’ll give me before blacking out. Every application started, every web page opened, is like flaking off tiny morsels of the last of the cookies I shouldn’t have been scarfing down in the first place. This moment with you now, I savor like the last chunk of chocolate chip covered in warm dough.

There’s also been a development, mental health wise, to the positive. My intuitiveness has peaked interests in my local spiritual scientist community, so I’m going off-road, treatment-wise, to explore empathic intuition. What does that mean? you ask. Well, I don’t know yet. I’m gonna work on that. Then I’ll come back and tell you all about it, cool?

This Memorial Day weekend, I’m preparing two write-ups: a share on WriteBitch and a picture story of my time in the mountains. No stone tablets yet, but awesome nonetheless.

While Scribe enters hospice and I create his progeny, follow me @VonSimeon on Twitter for my latest mad antics!

Yup. This is still happening. It'll be a year in July.

Yup. This is still happening. It’ll be a year in July.

Indie Artist? Time To Shine!


Full text from Facebook



Christmas Tree Farm, North Carolina

Mountain Livin’


New River, North Carolina

View From Above



Appalachian Overlook, North Carolina

Afternoon Stroll


Jones House, Appalachian State University

View From My Coffee Cup




Watauga County, North Carolina

This Is 38.


Birthday Cake Milkshake, Steak N Shake, St Pete Florida

Art Therapy For Violent People

Today I feel like shoving my thumbs into every face I meet. I can, and I will, apply pressure until an eyeball is resting in each palm, until each ocular cavity is crushed in by my fists. Then, and only then, will I feel human again.

If this activity seems rational and purposeful, we need to take a breather. 

1) Time to get away from people. Take a day off from work. Get someone to watch the kids. Tell the spouse it can’t be about him or her today.

2) Choose an activity which doesn’t require batteries or an electrical outlet. We’re trying to release energy, not create more. I chose to color.  

3) Turn off all electronic devices. Phone, remove the battery. Tablet, turn off and leave off charger. Notebook, switch off and pull battery. No TV. No gaming console. NO DISTRACTIONS.

4) Talk it out to get it out and use mouth words to do it. Yell if necessary as you fulfill your project. You’ll find this awkward activity actually enhances your artistry! Follow these panels to the finished product as an example:

Getting quiet, getting alone, getting time allocated for yourself is revelatory. Making practice of these instances is healing. Making habits of these activities help make this miserable life a touch tolerable.

Take it easy. You are not alone.

No Fear. No Doubt. Lose Control.





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