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Wordless Wednesday: Secret Places


Afternoon shroud


A great place to write.

Wordless Wednesday: Skywatching

The Last Unicorn


The very last printed copy of I Blew Up Juarez sold Friday night! 

Wordless Wednesday: Ready For The Show


Eviction Number Five

“Shutting down the block, one unit at a time.” 


I told you guys this apartment is cursed! The first four evictions were interesting, but this guy was just some schlemeel who spent way too much money on hookers. In and out and in and out like it was Grand Central Station. The well must’ve dried up, because no more prozzies came by. Then I saw him no longer driving a vehicle, instead, hoisting a bicycle up the stairs as his mode of transportation. So if anything, this was inevitable.

You live by me, prepare to downspiral!

Between Fugues

Indian Summer (orange filter)

Indian Summer (orange filter)

A handsome fellow, even in his late years. Either it was his age or an injury that kept him from standing straight, yet, he managed to get from his program seat quickly to the venue hallway where I stood. His eyes are bright and excitable, typical gaze of someone needing to share. I’ve learned in my public affairs years to allow the man his audience; at this age, if he doesn’t get it out, he may never have the chance.

“I knew it was the first Brian!” he offered, “I had a sense the moment you started.”

Thank you, my standard reception.

“Well done, good story.”

Thank you, my standard response.

“I’ve got a whole bunch of metal in my back from Vietnam.”

My heart swells with the distinct affection I have for the wounded warrior.

A watchful shadow angles in over my shoulder, reminding me of other affairs.

“You and I could speak on that for hours,” I share, “but I won’t keep you. Thank you, I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

My standard sign off.

My escort leads me down the hall, out the doors, to my truck. On the pathway, I can exhale again.

The presentation at the Florida Bibliophile Society is my last for 2014. Fall season has arrived, and my mind is shifting from sunbathing to studying, I suppose the academic calendar is now permanently stitched into my subconscious. Fall means, hunker down, collect data, commence writing because Spring means organize and validate data, present a completed, legible work by end of Spring.

This year I managed to publish one of the fifteen novels I have written since retiring December 2011. I experienced the roller coaster ride that is production and publication, with that 4G twisty of getting screwed by business partners, but in the end I have decided it’s a ride worth experiencing again. Baby is in the book biz, and Baby is gonna deliver!

This fall I’m going to prepare the continuing saga from I Blew Up Juarez, a collaborative effort between selected fans and the self, and if this business model works, I believe I could deliver a solid series within the next two years. A horror anthology featuring one of my short stories is due for release soon, I’ll update in a separate post with those details once I secure them. A political science dystopia I’ve been chomping at the bit to produce will come out of hiding. I desire to release this during the 2016 Election Season.

I’m also putting the brakes on this blog for a bit. I want to adjust it to distinguish short stories, stranger-than-fiction, and writing prompts from each other, plus add a gallery of favorite photos by season. So there will be takedowns and ups and request for reviews here and there; any feedback you have, hell, even the douchebag feedback you love to leave, feel free. It only enhances the blog experience!

Finally, I’ve recently discovered my aunt is dying. She’s the eldest on my mother’s side, and so, I’m going to spend time with my family in the coming weeks. My plan is to delve further into my origin story, and who but the elders of the clan would know them best? I, ever the skilled scribe, plan to document every story, so I might make room here to journal my progress. Expect a bunch of photos from the Pacific Ocean; I might pull a Where In The World Is Von Simeon? on you guys!

Only one life left. Making the most of it. :)


Bibliophiles Unite! Gig Sunday Featuring Your Favorite Madwoman…

Over 300 Followers! You’re So Kind :)


Over the weekend, I jumped over the 300 mark for *authentic* followers! Must be doing/writing something right…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Wordless Wednesday: My Award-Winning Writing Cafe



Wordless Wednesday: Trust



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